Home Gaming Pick Up the Gengar Squishmallow at Amazon for $24.99

Pick Up the Gengar Squishmallow at Amazon for $24.99


If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to pick up the 14-inch-tall Gengar Squishmallow, now’s your time to shine as Amazon has it in stock for $24.99. It’s been totally sold out at other retailers for a while, or avaialable with a huge markup from third-party sellers. But Amazon has it in stock at list price. Make sure to grab it quickly before it’s gone!

Gengar Squishmallow at Amazon

Gengar Squishmallow

If you’re curious to see more toys and collectibles that are available right now to pick up, or are up for preorder, we’ve got a few worth checking out. In the world of Funko, you can preorder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bitty Pops, which are set to release on July 31. These have four different boxes available as well, so you have quite a variety to choose from. One box even has Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, and a mystery figure in 8-bit format, which is a fun way to have them on display!

There are also Funko Advent Calendars available to buy. Yes, you can kick off your shopping for the holidays right now in July, if you want! These come in two different boxes: a DC Heroes one and a Pokemon one, the latter of which would fit perfectly if you’re picking up that Gengar plush from above. And if you’re truly in the spirit of the holiday season right now, you can even preorder some of Hallmark’s Keepsake Christmas ornaments, which are set to release on July 24. These feature some very fun options as well, from Samus to Shazam to Finding Nemo.

If you’d like to see even more toys and collectibles, make sure to check out our toys and collectibles gift guide for 2023. Here, you can find a wide variety of items that are worth picking up for yourself or someone else in your life, including several different Amiibo, LEGO, and plenty of action figures.

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