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Oppenheimer will stream on Peacock, here’s when you’ll be able to watch


Christopher Nolan’s latest (and most grounded) blockbuster has arrived in theaters, and it’s staying there for quite a while. Oppenheimer has a long window of theatrical exclusivity, but it will make its way to streaming services eventually, even if you should probably try to see it on a big screen if you can.

While Oppenheimer doesn’t have an official streaming date yet, we do know how long it will remain in theaters, which gives us a good idea of when it might end up streaming.

When will Oppenheimer be streaming?

Oppenheimer getting a 100-day theatrical window was reportedly something director Christopher Nolan made an agreement with Universal about, which would mean this won’t come out on streaming until at least November. Of course, with box office tracking on the movie already performing well, and its special screenings — like the limited 70mm IMAX versions — already sold out well into August, it’s possible Oppenheimer could stay off streaming even longer.

Where will Oppenheimer be streaming?

Oppenheimer is a Universal movie, so it’s likely going to go through the studio’s own streaming service, Peacock. Universal also has an agreement that sends most Peacock movies to Amazon Prime Video a few months later, but we don’t know for sure if will do that too. We’ll keep this post updated as more news about Oppenheimer’s streaming destination emerges.

When will Oppenheimer be available to rent?

Oppenheimer’s extra-long theatrical agreement might extend all the way to the VOD release of the movie, so it’s possible this one could be limited to a November release too. Either way, expect the movie to be rentable for at least a few weeks ahead of its Peacock release date.

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