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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Naoki Yoshida Is Tired of Trolls Complaining


Final Fantasy 16 producer and 14 director Naoki Yoshida is officially tired of online trolls complaining about his games.

As reported by Eurogamer, comments made by Yoshida during a Japanese documentary were translated by streamer and Twitter user Audrey of Aitai Kimochi (below). “There’s a lot of people who just yell at you, people I’ve never seen, met, or talked to before. It’s weird,” Yoshida said of reading negative comments online.

The documentary highlighted a handful of these comments, though most likely picked some of the tamer ones that were appropriate for TV. Reddit user elevenmile translated them: “Eikonic battles are so plain looking,” read one. “Still [the only Final Fantasy] that I’m not going to buy day one,” said another.

“What did we do to them?,” asked Yoshida in response. “Perhaps they just write it from a place of negativity and malice. It’s tiresome.”

Final Fantasy 16 has received some criticism for not really being an RPG, but outside of upsetting some dogs and its motion blur causing nausea for some players (though this was quickly addressed), the game has gone down well.

It earned high critical praise (with IGN’s review giving it a 9/10) and Square Enix said its sales were “extremely strong” after shipping three million copies in its first week.

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