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S Club 7 Recalls “Awful” Moment They Learned Paul Cattermole Died


The members of S Club 7 will never forget the day they learned of bandmate Paul Cattermole‘s death.

Three months after his passing, the British pop group’s Jo O’MearaJon Lee, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh reflected on their disbelief after being told the devastating news.

“Our management called,” Jo told The Sun in an interview with her bandmates published July 25. “Me and Jon were the first to hear. It was about half past nine on the Thursday night.

“I think I just went completely silent at first. It was awful.”

Jon said it felt “like someone had punched me in the stomach.” Tina further recalled having a hard time grasping the news. 

“I was at home with my son, we were just watching TV and I picked up the call,” she continued. “At first I was just like, ‘This isn’t real… it can’t be real. You’ve made a mistake.’ I still can’t believe it’s real.”

As Jo put it, “It was horrendous. It was just a complete shock.” 

Paul died at the age of 46 in April. The Dorset Coroner’s Office in England confirmed the following month that he passed away from natural causes.


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