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What is the trait point cap in Remnant 2?


Traits are one of the many ways to customize your build in Remnant 2. They’re a little more complicated than they first appear, however, mostly thanks to a cap the game puts on the total trait points you can invest in them.

If you’ve ever played a roleplaying game that allows you to level up a character’s stats, you should be most of the way towards understanding how Remnant 2’s traits work. Traits are foundational aspects of your character that you level up with points earned both after defeating bosses and finding special books in the world. But as with everything in Remnant 2, you acquire traits in a variety of different ways.

An explorer picks up a tome of knowledge containing trait points in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 traits list

Remnant 2 characters start with four basic traits:

  • Vigor (health)
  • Endurance (stamina)
  • Spirit (mod power generation rate)
  • Expertise (skill cooldown rate)

The trait pool then expands depending on the archetype(s) you have equipped:

  • Medic – Triage (increases overall healing)
  • Hunter – Longshot (increases ideal weapon ranges)
  • Challenger – Strong Back (reduces encumbrance)
  • Handler – Kinship (reduces friendly fire damage)
  • Gunslinger – Ammo Reserves (increases ammo reserves)
  • Explorer – Swiftness (increases movement speed)
  • Summoner – Regrowth (increases health regeneration)
  • Engineer – Fortify (increases armor effectiveness)
  • Alchemist – Potency (increases consumable duration)
  • Invader – Untouchable (increases evade window)

And finally, additional traits can be found in the world by way of objectives like defeating bosses, completing quests, and solving puzzles.

  • Amplitude (increases AOE size)
  • Arcane Strike (mod power generation from melee)
  • Barkskin (reduces overall damage taken)
  • Blood Bond (grants summons damage absorption)
  • Bloodstream (increases gray health regeneration)
  • Fitness (increases evade distance)
  • Footwork (increases speed while aiming)
  • Glutton (increases use speed of relics and consumables)
  • Handling (reduces weapon spread and recoil)
  • Recovery (increases stamina regeneration)
  • Resonance (increases aura size)
  • Revivalist (increases revive speed)
  • Rugged (increases summons health)
  • Scholar (experience gain increase)
  • Shadeskin (reduces damage from elemental statuses)
  • Siphoner (grants lifesteal)
  • Wayfarer (increases vaulting, climbing, and wading speed)

A menu shows stats for the vigor trait in Remnant 2.

Image: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing via Polygon

Remnant 2 max trait points, explained

Every trait, no matter where you get them, maxes out at 10 levels. The four basic traits come bundled with a few points depending on your starting archetype and the archetype traits level up via experience, leaving you to decide how to assign points to the rest. You gain trait points one at a time by defeating bosses and through randomized drops that show up as dark blue pick-ups in the world.

Things get tricky, however, when you’ve assigned 60 total trait points because, at that point, Remnant 2 cuts you off (the points automatically added to your starting traits and acquired through archetypes don’t count). Once you get an archetype trait to max level, it can be unlocked for use by any archetype, but this will also eat into the 60-point limit. As such, there’s a concrete ceiling on how strong and/or unique your build can get through traits alone.

If you decide down the line that you’re not happy with your trait spread or simply want to try a different build, you can always respec. To do so, you’ll need to use an Orb of Undoing, purchased from Wallace (the guy who transforms special materials into archetype engrams) for 3 Lumenite Crystals and 1,500 scrap. This will refund all your trait points and give you a chance to try again.

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