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Amber Heard
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Amber Heard, 36, isn’t surprised she’s the only person to publicly accuse Johnny Depp of abuse. The actress explained why victims would be wary of speaking out in her first interview since the verdict in the high-profile defamation case. “Look what happened to me when I came forward,” she asked NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in a teaser for the Friday, June 17 interview on Dateline.

During the trial, which ended with the jury awarding the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor $10.4 million in damages, Johnny testified that he “never struck a woman in my life”. Similarly, his lawyers stressed that no other woman had even come forward to say he’d physically assaulted or attacked them.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard said she understands why she’s the only person to accuse Johnny Depp of abuse. ‘Look what happened to me,’ she said in a new ‘Dateline’ special. (Michael Reynolds/AP/Shutterstock)


Amber dismissed that as evidence, pointing out how easy it was to intimidate people into silence. Looking back at her own treatment, the Aquaman actress asked Savannah, “Look what happened to me when I came forward. Would you?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Amber talked about the unfair impact social media had on the trial. “Even somebody who is sure I’m deserving of all this hate and vitriol, even if you think that I’m lying, you still couldn’t tell me, look me in the eye and tell me, that you think on social media there’s been a fair representation,” she told Savannah. “You cannot tell me that you think that this has been fair.”

Amber Heard
The trial ended with the jury awarding the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor $10.4 million in damages. Amber is seen here during the announcement of the Jun. 1, 2022 verdict. (AP/Shutterstock)

The actress also revealed the key pieces of evidence she thinks could have changed jurors’ minds in the case. She told Savannah, “There’s a binder worth of years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that were taken by my doctor, who I was reporting the abuse to.” The notes were excluded from the trial by the judge on the basis of hearsay.

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