Cookie Cutter, a Hyper-Stylish 2D Metroidvania, Announced


Publisher Rogue Games has announced Cookie Cutter, a hyper-stylized – and hyper-violent – 2D Metroidvania game, coming to PC in 2023.

Cookie Cutter features a hand-drawn, cel-shaded art style with gameplay that promises platforming, puzzle-solving, and plenty of gory action. Take a look at the reveal trailer at the top of this page, and the first screenshots in the gallery below.

Cookie Cutter Screenshots

“Cookie Cutter is a weird, wild, fun-as-hell ride of a Metroidvania. It’s got all the staples of the genre. A massive world. Loads of insane enemies and boss fights. A twisted narrative. And it’s freakin’ beautiful,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “But it’s also got a heroine who defies video game conventions in the best of ways and it’s a title unabashedly made for older players.”

That heroine is Cherry, a brought-to-life Android who will do anything to get back the kidnapped human creator she loves. Cherry pulls no punches in her adventure, wielding motorcycles, mechs, and chainsaws with aplomb. Rogue also promises a number of accessibility options in the game as well.

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