Cyberworks Mobile Vacuum Cleaning Robot Joint Press Release 1991


This historic video is from a 1991 joint press release between Cyberworks of Orilla Canada, Commercial Services of VA (Now Cyberclean Systems) and Reynolds Metals. The robot vacuum was successfully being used by Commercial Services to vacuum hallways in large office buildings. The hallways and banquet rooms being vacuumed and pictured in this video is the Richmond Marriott Hotel. The TV channel is Channel 6 local news. Notice that Bob Waldrup (VP at Reynolds) correctly predicts the use of robots in material handling. Bob and Buck Ward (also featured speaking in this video) spoke about the need and value of automating material handling back in the late 1980’s. We found the VHS tape in our autonomous mobile robot (AMR) archive we are dusting off! We also noticed that our founder, Buck Ward, has not changed his message since 1991.


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