LISTEN: Ethical Real Estate Agents Can Stop Un-Fair Housing


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That’s the sound of magic happening in the Disney classic movie, Cinderella.

Frankly, it may seem that with the passage of any law that magic has happened. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: all will now be right in the world.

Unfortunately, laws are not magic because those laws do not magically stop violations from occurring. In the best case scenario, laws provide a possible remedy if there is proof of the violation and the violator is caught. But that’s a big IF.

Likewise but sadly, un-fair housing does still happen despite 54 years of federal legislation.

Ultimately, laws may not prevent un-fair housing, but ethical agents can. 

How? Check out this Atlanta Realtors Rundown podcast conversation with a dynamic person who teaches the quintessential class on Realtor Ethics, the illustrious Leigh Brown, where we discuss:

  1. What it really means to be ethical in the real estate industry
  2. What we get wrong
  3. How we can get it right going forward (Hint: start by attending the National Real Estate Ethics Day broadcast live on Thursday, July 7, 2022 — all contributions are donated to the Realtors Relief Foundation. It’s a great course for a great cause. Register at

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