PREMIERE: Kasi Opi Drops Highly Anticipated EP, ‘Collide’ [Bonfire Records]


Originally discovering a means of expression through choreography and hip-hop dance, Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Kasi Opi now uses music as a method of communication. Often struggling to find the right words to express himself, he collaborates with artists all over the world to assist him in telling his story. Drawing from an immersion in grooves and dance culture, Kasi cultivates an electro-pop sound that’s been described as hypnotically elegant.

After nearly a year-long hiatus, Kasi Opi is back with his highly anticipated EP, ‘Collide‘, signed to Bonfire Records. “Naked” kicks things off in a mesmerizing fashion powered by a beautiful vocal from Nevve and a beat that seems to take over all of your senses. “Home” follows, showcasing a collaboration with AZA and the result is fantastic, as a downtempo beat, glistening vocal, and carefully sampled effects come together seamlessly.

Anaheim” features Akacia on the mic, delivering a hypnotic performance while Opi creates a sort of euphoric atmosphere in the background with various chords and melodies. “Remind Me” showcases the versatility of the EP with its upbeat, summertime feel that also seems to have immense mainstream appeal. “F.O.M.O.” caps off the EP in perfect fashion, delicately balancing Jake Neumar’s vocals with a captivating future bass esque production.

Here’s what Kasi Opi had to say about it:

“For me, R&B music was my segway to loving electronic music. The whole inspiration of this EP came from a goal to bridge the gaps between these two genres. The result is almost like a gradient that pulls and stretches between these two destinations.”

We are so excited to premiere this EP for you today, listen below!


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