Samsung merges Pay and Pass into a single Wallet app


Samsung is making it easier to store your credit card information and other digital data on your phone. On Wednesday, the company announced the merging of its Pay and Pass apps into a single Wallet platform. With the change, you won’t have to use two different apps to manage your digital identity. Instead, the company’s new Wallet app will let you store your debit and credit card information for mobile payments, in addition to your login credentials for websites and apps.

Samsung says you can also use the software to store digital car keys from brands like BMW, , Hyundai and Kia, as well as airline boarding passes, starting with Korea Air. And just in time for , there’s support for monitoring your cryptocurrencies across a variety of exchanges.

Later this year, the app will allow you to store digital IDs, including student cards and driver’s licenses, from participating institutions and state governments. There’s also integration with Samsung’s SmartThings platform. Everything is stored securely on your device with protection from Samsung’s Knox platform.

Samsung Wallet is available to download starting today in the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. If you already have the Pay and Pass apps installed on your phone, you’ll be prompted to migrate to the new software the next time you open them. A fleshed out Wallet app has been a long-time coming for Samsung, particularly after the company car keys last year.

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