Smart Home Technology With An Emphasis On Affordability


A truly affordable smart home setup may be within the financial reach of most homeowners, with lighting and security features included. Brandon Doyle reviews a range of smart and cost-efficient upgrades.

Smart home tech does not need to break the bank. Wyze Labs is leading the industry by making affordable products that are obtainable for any homeowner or renter on a budget. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to test out their new line of products and were impressed with how they compared to more expensive options you may find in a retail store. 

The company started by offering a cheap, indoor-only camera that was great for checking in on property or pets. It was limited to 12-second recordings to a micro-SD card and later to the cloud. This quickly became a best seller and users found all sorts of ways to use the camera.

Many wanted to use it outdoors, which it was not rated for. Later, Wyze added a dedicated battery-powered outdoor camera and has updated the best-selling Wyze Cam to its current version three. It is now both an indoor/outdoor device with free 14-day cloud storage for only $30.  

At the front door, homeowners can add a video doorbell with chime for only $50 and replace the interior portion of their deadbolt for $100, an incredible combination of technology for less than either a typical smart lock or doorbell. The quality is on par with more expensive devices, and it offers as many or more features than competitors. 

Wyze recently added a security service that starts at just $5 a month. Homeowners can start with the core kit and then add in additional keypads, entry sensors, motion sensors and cameras as needed. A typical home costs about $200 to outfit completely. 

They didn’t stop there, though. Wyze now offers a robot vacuum with advanced lidar navigation, which is a must-have feature, for only $250. It easily competes with other vacuums that cost twice as much. Wyze also makes an affordable thermostat that is comparable to the entry-level Nest thermostat and wi-fi-controlled color bulbs and light strips that can compete with Philips Hue.

The best part about these products is that they’re all integrated into one app and can be controlled with your favorite voice assistant without requiring a home hub or any additional equipment. 

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