Steph Curry named NBA Finals MVP for first time


Steph Curry has rightfully taken his place among basketball’s pantheon.

Steph Curry has rightfully taken his place among basketball’s pantheon.
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Steph Curry collected the Finals MVP last night that, the award that for some reason, some people think was required to validate him. As repeated ad nauseam by me and others, there are few players who changed the game completely, and Curry is one of them. Even when he was off, as he was in Game 5, he warps a defense so much that others are always open. Just the thought of Curry has teams defending out to the parking lot. And you won’t find much more of a killer when the biggest stakes are up for grabs, whatever being on the ass-end of the greatest performance of the best player to walk the Earth in 2016 says. His back-to-back 3s in the third were pretty much the game, and he knew it, and wasn’t afraid to tell the Boston faithful as much.

He’s also just so much fun. No one erupts like Steph. No one has ever erupted like Steph. MJ would wear you down with those turnaround and fadeaway Js. LeBron with his all-action game.

But Steph can do it in seconds. Sometimes it feels like he barely touches the ball before it’s in the air on a journey to the bottom of the net. He’ll hit three 3s in what feels like six seconds. It’s a fireworks show packed into a matter of minutes.

Four championships, in any sport, really puts you on Mount Olympus. You know the names in the NBA, but even in the NFL it’s Brady and Montana and Bradshaw and that’s basically it. The NHL it’s Gretzky, Messier, Trottier, Bossy, and that’s it. Baseball it’s Jeter, who really has no business with the others, as he wasn’t even ever the best player on his own team, so let’s switch it to Rivera. Whatever other trinkets those out there think Steph needs to officially stamp him as something worthy of all-time esteem are meaningless and just something they created because they don’t like him for whatever reasons they’ve made up. Maybe it’s because he’s the son of an NBA player. Maybe it’s because he’s small. He’s no more confident or cocky than anyone else. He’s certainly earned the right.

There may not be another like him. Should probably soak this up. 

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