Snapchat Announces Annual ‘Recap’ Activation, Shares Top In-App Trends From 2023

Snapchatters will be able to look back on their year that was, with Snap’s annual “Recap” activation going live in the app from tomorrow.

Snapchat Recap 2023

Snap’s Recap, available in the “Memories” section of the app, will provide a short video look-back on your Snap content from the year.

As per Snap:

“The recap process will sort your Snaps from the past 12-months into a series of categories based on your Memories, such as New Year, New Me (featuring Snaps on January 1st), Beach, Please! (content captured of the ocean), Felt Cute, Will Delete in 24-Hours (all of those selfies) and many more.”

Wendy’s has already posted a not-quite accurate example of its own recap from the year:

It’s a fun, engaging way to re-share your Snap content, and remember what you got up to, while also celebrating with friends in the app.

And it’ll no doubt prove popular. With Snap providing each user with a custom summary, you can imagine that many Snapchatters will be keen to post their year in review, which will likely see millions Recaps shared in the app over the coming days.

So get ready for nostalgia, potentially too much, as all your friends start sharing their Recaps in the app.

In addition to this, Snap has also provided some insight into the top content trends in the app from 2023, including:

Top AR filters:

Snapchat Recap 2023

Top trending moments:

  • Valentine’s Day – Snapchatters captured everything from their cutest date spots to laugh-out-loud date stories.
  • Music Festival Season – Featured everything from festival fashion and makeup to recapping their favorite moments.
  • Back-to-School – Highlighted tips to make the most of the school year from upperclassmen, back-to-school fashion and more. 
  • Halloween – To celebrate spooky season, our community Snapped their best costumes, decorations and fall favorites.
  • Spring Fashion – We saw tons of fresh fashion tips, fits and finds just in time for spring.

Most snapped locations:

  • Dubai Mall
  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Times Square
  • Fenway Park

Snapchat has continued to grow in 2023, exceeding 400 million daily active users for the first time, while also growing its Snapchat+ subscription service, and continuing to lead the way on popular AR trends.

Though its costs remain high, and Snap has also been forced to cut staff, and abandon some of its projects due to those cost pressures, as well as tightening global ad budgets.

Within that, however, Snap is still poised for growth, though there will be ongoing challenges heading into the new year.

Can Snapchat make a bigger push on AR? Can it continue to add more users, and make Snapchat+ a bigger revenue stream? Will it be able to lure more advertisers with its unique audience reach and resonance?

The opportunity remains for Snap, and it’s been able to drive significant growth, despite these broader impacts. Now it needs to lure more investment to build on its potential.

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