Threads is Working on In-Stream Text Variants and Animations for New Year’s

Get ready for New Year’s fun on Threads, with Meta’s new text-based app testing out some celebratory features, including colorful text, confetti animations, and more.

Threads New Years 2023

As you can see in this example, posted by app researcher Alessando Paluzzi, Threads is working on Instagram-influenced colored text for New Year’s messages, as well as a confetti launcher icon, which will send explosions of digital confetti across your screen.

Which is similar to Instagram’s various celebratory elements for certain events, including its birthday confetti effect for those that enter their birth date, and its Pride Month rainbow Stories circle.

Instagram Pride Month

It’s a simple way to encourage more engagement around events, and with New Year’s traditionally seeing a big jump in social posting activity, it makes sense for Threads to encourage such where it can, especially as it looks to gain a foothold in the social landscape.

It also aligns with Threads’ more positive approach to social media interactions, and it’ll be interesting to see how users respond, and how Threads potentially looks to add the same for more holidays and events in future.

There’s no official word from IG on the new additions as yet, but I suspect that we’ll hear about them next week.

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