What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2023 Version) [Infographic]

It’s amazing to take a step back and consider how reliant we’ve become on the internet, and just how much of our daily activity is now conducted online.

Every year, Domo’s “Data Never Sleeps” report provides a range of stats on modern internet and app usage, which are always somewhat surprising, no matter what you expect.

This year’s report once again shines a light on the collective hours we spend online, and where we spend them, with some interesting points of note:

As per Domo:

  • Users now submit 6,944 ChatGPT prompts every minute
  • X is seeing more engagement this year, with 360,000 posts from users every minute, up from 347,000 in 2022
  • Amazon users spend more than $455,000 in the app every minute

Some amazing data points, which could also help in your future marketing plans.

Check out the full “Data Never Sleeps” infographic below.

Domo Data Never Sleeps report

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