Zane creates images of peace and love to assist lifesaving efforts in Israel and region – United Hebrew Congregation Terre Haute

In the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack against Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli Defense Force, the region faces a mounting humanitarian crisis that could exact a terrible toll on both Palestinians and Israelis.

Zane Winter and his parents Lee and Tim have shown a deep interest in Jewish life with their recent contributions to High Holy Days and Sukkot celebrations. Now, Zane, who helped build and decorate the Temple’s sukkah, is raising funds for livesaving efforts through sale of his original artworks.

“This war going on in Israel is horrible,” Zane writes. “I want to help somehow. I’m just a kid — I didn’t know how I could possibly help.

“Then an idea was presented to me. Hate and fear — harsh words and horrible images — are being spread through social media platforms. Peace and love being spread via those same platforms is a countermeasure.

“With some help, I can do that! I have created images of Peace and Love. This is my PEACE effort.”

All proceeds will benefit Magen David Adom , Israel’s official representative to the International Red Cross.

Email for details.

Zane’s artwork

Paintings and prints

  • PEACE Landscape “11” x “11” acrylic painting original — SOLD
  • PEACE Landscape “11” x “11” quality print — $12
  • All Life Is Sacred “11” x “11” acrylic painting original — $36
  • All Life Is Sacred “11” x “11” quality print — $12
  • Ahavah “11” x “11” acrylic painting original — $36
  • Ahavah “11” x “11” quality print — $12

Peace Project works

  • Single laminated coloring page original — $7
  • Single coloring page quality print — $3

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