Samsung Galaxy M15 to bring a huge battery

Samsung made the Galaxy A15 official in Vietnam earlier this month, and now it seems like it’s working on the Galaxy M15. As usual for the M series, this is looking like it’s going to be a rebranded Galaxy A15, but with one huge and exciting twist.

While the A15 sports a 5,000 mAh battery in both its 4G-only and 5G iterations, rumor has it the Galaxy M15 will take things to the next level, boasting a whopping 6,000 mAh cell instead.

Samsung Galaxy A15
Samsung Galaxy A15

That’s 20% more and should ensure incredible longevity on one charge. Unfortunately, no other specs for the M15 have been outed yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it would be a mirror image of the A15 in every other way.

You may be wondering why there’s a need for an M series comprised of devices that are identical to their A series counterparts, save for one extra feature here and there, like in this case. We have been wondering the same thing, but we don’t actually know. Samsung’s ways are rather mysterious sometimes.

Anyway, now that the M15-related leaks have started, it’s only a matter of time before we find out more about it, so stay tuned.


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