Less Than Kosher ★★★ — Jewish Renaissance

Although there’s scope here for plenty of hilarity, many of the jokes don’t land. Often the scenes feel tonally oblivious, like when Viv finds herself flirting with the rabbi’s son by using Holocaust quips. It’s the classic Jeremy Clarkson theory of outrage first, think about substance later. But the finished product relies on being funny, else it strays into shock-for-the-sake-of-shock territory. 

The script is predictable and although there are strong performances from leads Shaina Silver-Baird and David Reale, much of the characterisation is inconsistent. At the end of the episode, Viv is all too happy to forgive her agent, who gives her another shot at fame after seeing TikTok clips of the singer go viral. Her cold exterior melts away and this new Viv is a million miles from everything we’ve been led to believe about the singer. Less Than Kosher treads an admittedly difficult line between absurd comedy and a wholesome do-the-right-thing family tale, but this often leads to something unbelievable and it’s hard to sympathise with many of the characters.

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