22 Ways to Get Fit, Feel Better, and Save Money in 2024

The year’s change but the new year’s resolution ideas don’t: Get fit, eat better, save more money, spend more quality time with the family, etc. I ignore the statistics about how many people abandon their resolutions after 60 days or so. 

That’s because I subscribe to a psychological phenomenon known as the fresh start effect. The new year is a landmark that allows us to disassociate from the past year — during which I ate too many M&Ms, for sure. But who didn’t?  Here are 25 ways —  including workout equipment, money apps, diet ideas, and self-care — that can help you find the new you and stick with it. 


TRX Suspension Trainer

Study after study says that exercise increases the quality of life. And here’s a way I can get strapping fit this year: The TRX Suspension Trainer strap challenges you with your own bodyweight to get you stronger, faster. I’m not ready to buy the full-length mirror just yet, to admire the results, and I’m afraid it’ll go right to the bottom of my closet, but I feel like this is not a huge commitment.

And with 20% off when you Bundle & Save + free shipping on orders over $100, it seems like a deal. 

TRX Suspension Trainers and Workout Equipment and Accessories | Get Fit

Shop at TRX


Sole Fitness 

Physical activity keeps the heart and circulatory system healthy — studies suggest walking just 20 minutes a day can improve quality of life as you get older. But I’m an habitual no-show at the gym. That’s where SOLE can help. Its equipment line can make any in-home fitness space complete, be it treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, SRVO and strength and accessories. It’s almost as exhaustive as chasing toddlers.

Shop Best Deals now and save up to $1000 off + get an extra $50 off select Closeout Fitness Equipment when you use code Blowout50

Sole Fitness Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers, SRVO Strength and Accessories | New Year, New You

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The best exercise is any activity you enjoy doing because you’re likely to stick with it. Good bundles here at a good price — bench, weight plates and dumbbells. Easy to move around in the basement — or anywhere.

Buy now and get 35% off all products + free shipping when you use code NY35.

Flybird Fitness Equipment | New Year, New You

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When it comes to household debt, the wolf’s not at our door — but he knows the address! With this program, we can build a repayment plan that aligns with our income (never enough) and expenses (always too much!). Over 20 million people have used this program, so now I don’t feel like such a debt-donkey. 

New Year Sale! New customers save 50% on Quicken products. Get started today!

Quicken | Reduce Debt | Improve Finances | New Year, New You

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I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate to get passive income but never had the guts to do it. But with Groundfloor a 10% or more return is possible with fractionalized investments. And you don’t need to be a seasoned property guru — which is great, because if you’ve seen the mess of my backyard you’ll know I’m far from being a property guru.

I can get started with as little as $100. 

Groundfloor - Real Estate Investing for Everyone | Get Financially Fit in 2024 | New Year, New YouGet on the Groundfloor


Moneyspire helps you take control of your money so you can achieve your full potential. See all your balances and transactions in one place with as much detail as you need—and see your upcoming expenses to make sure you’re prepared. I like the bill calendar reminder and the ability to set a budget and keep it up with real time budget tracking. It reduces arguments! 

For a limited-time only, get 20% to 45% off Moneyspire 2024. Buy now & save! 

Moneyspire | Improve Finances | New Year, New You

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I’m told that each time you bring yourself into calm awareness of the moment, you’re actually changing your brain — activating the areas responsible for executive functions, such as decision-making, reason, and concentration, and calming the areas that react with fear, anxiety, and stress. Just writing that paragraph makes me feel better already.

This program has 2,000 mindful practices to train my brain. That’s a big job! Start your free 7-day trial today!

Mindfulness.com | Improve Mental Health | New Year, New YouGet Mindfulness


Highbridge Self-Improvement Audio Books

“Help” is an operative word in our household, as in “I need help!” These self-help selections plant that little voice in your ear telling you the right thing to do — and it doesn’t sound like my mother. Advice on health, happiness, relationships, and a wide range of other “how-to” — and “how not-to” texts. Available for instant download to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Highbridge Audio Books | Improve Mental Health | New Year, New You

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Noom says it can help me become more self aware of my lifestyle and eating habits, and that’s a bit terrifying. But they can teach me daily tweaks so I can shed the pounds and change the way I think and feel about eating. Or maybe I just need to throw away the chocolate!

I say hit your goals before they hit you! Start here!

Noom. Get Stop Dieting. Get Lifelong Results. New Year, New You

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This is a godsend for city living, almost as important as elevators. Or air. Choose from over 30+ fresh recipes every week designed by chefs and nutritionists who know the difference between (bad) LDL and (good) HDL. Now offering one FREE breakfast item per box forever for new customers with an active subscription

Now offering one FREE breakfast item per box forever for new customers with an active subscription. Get offer now!

HelloFresh Healthy Eating. New Year, New You

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BlendJet Portable Blender

Walk around with a portable blender and my friends will think I have a drinking problem. But this portable blender’s TurboJet technology powers through anything in 20 seconds: ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens — and my excuses for not getting my health on! And yes, it’s self-cleaning: just add water, soap and blend.

Shop the NEW YEAR SALE today! Get 10% off 1. Get 12% off 2. Get 15% off 3+. Save on all BlendJet products. Discount will be automatically applied. 

BlendJet Portable Blender - Healthy Eating. New Year, New You

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Raw Generation’s Cold-Pressed Juice

My doctor told me about the importance of my gut microbiome and my eyes glazed over. What!? It’s true though: Hundreds of different types of bacteria reside in our gut that help the immune system, and ating processed foods and sugar removes many of them.

That’s what drives Raw Generation. They don’t pasteurize or pressure-treat their juices. Instead, they preserve the freshness and give a full measure of nutrition, enzymes, and flavor by using a flash-freezing process — like it’s made by Shazam!

Shop now and save up to 23% off select products. 

raw generation weight loss and whole body health | New Year, New You

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I’m afraid to look under my sink. It’s like a chaotic yard sale under there. This Under Sink Organizer has a slide-out drawer with handles that can be pulled out from both sides. and can go on either side of the plumbing. I’ve never showed off my under-sink space before, but now I can if I want! 

Amazon: REALINN Under Sink Organizer – On sale for 30% off. Get an additional 15% when you clip the coupon.

Shop at Amazon | REALINN Under Sink Organizer | Spruce Up | New Year

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100 Things to Do with Family Scratch Poster

It’s not like we need more things to do in our household, but this “bucket list” scratch poster does keep the kids off their screens! There are 100 activities — host a fancy dress party, bake a cake, etc — that will keep the kids invested. Once the activity is complete, you scratch it off to reveal a colorful illustration. Poster sized is A2 format. 

Amazon: Gift Republic 100 Things to do with Family Bucket List Scratch Poster | $26.07

Shop at Amazon | 100 Things to do with Family | Make Time for Loved One | New Year

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The Very Busy 2024 Family Organizer

Time flies so fast, whether you have children or not. This family organizer is an invaluable tool for keeping not only my kids in line but me as well. Plenty of space to note appointments, school events, and special dates, as well as household chores and other reminders. Two keys: The sticker sheets and no-smudge matte paper stock so I can finally stop guessing at what I wrote! 

The Very Busy 2024 Family Organizer | Spend more time with loved ones | New Year, New You

Get it at Walmart



I’m all for learning new skills and being more curious this year. I think Udemy might help in that regard. Web development? I don’t think I have the patience. Public speaking? I’ve always wanted to do that better. Udemy has thousands of courses, and they say that GenAI is the #1 surging skill for 2024. I’m in!

I’d plunk down $9.99 to get a better brain during their New Year’s Sale. Start learning today!

Udemy | Learn New Skills | New Year, New You

Learn at Udemy



I’m relatively secure in my professional life but I have nieces and nephews who are zoomers and they can use this: With over 7,000 online and classroom courses, 360training has helped 11+ million people achieve their career goals. Access courses 24/7 on any device with automatically saved progress — which is great because they’re on their phones all the time anyway!

Browse all courses and start learning new skills today!

360Training | Learn New Skills | New Year, New You

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NicoDerm CQ Nicotine Patches 

I’m not a smoker, but I know several smokers, and I would love it if they stopped not only for their health but because their clothes smell when they visit my house and it lingers. NicoDerm CQ Nicotine adhesive patches release a steady flow of nicotine for up to 24 hours, which eases withdrawal symptoms. It’s been on the market since the 1990s, and it’s helped millions of people breathe easier. 

Buy now and 1, get 1 for 50% off at CVS. Stop smoking today!NicoDerm CQ Stop Smoking Patches | Stop Smoking | New Year, New You

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Nicorette Nicotine Lozenges 

My dermatologist says he can spot a smoker instantly by the look of their skin. But he can’t tell if they’re trying to stop the habit if they’re using these lozenges: the first FDA-approved coated smoking cessation lozenges, a discreet way to help curb cravings. The secret sauce is the therapeutic nicotine, which controls nicotine intake while alleviating withdrawal symptoms. They suggest using at least nine of these per day for the first 6 weeks of the 12-week program.  

Buy 1, get 1 for 50% off + get an extra $15 off when you clip the manufacturers coupon when you shop at Walgreens.  Stop smoking today!

Nicorette Lozenges Stop Smoking Aid | New Year, New You

Shop Nicorette at Walgreens


Clinique Skincare 

Lack of sleep and not eating healthy can stress out your body’s largest organ — your skin. If you’ll be running yourself ragged this year, like I will likely be, skincare can give your skin some help. Clinique is world famous of course, and is formulated for all skin types. 

Clinique claims I can outsmart lines and wrinkles — I don’t know about that, since my wrinkles seem to be brilliant, but when I’m taking care of my skin, it puts me in the headspace to take of the rest of me too. The Clinique Smart Clinical Repair collection is a good start because it has retinol, which my 40-something year-old skin swears by. 

Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Anti-Aging Skincare | New Year, New You

Shop at Clinique


Kiehl’s Men’s Skincare

Kiehl’s must be doing something right: the company is more than 170 years old and it looks great! Customers have been cleansing, treating, moisturizing, and shaving their way to healthier-looking skin since the days of mutton chops and sideburns. 

If you can’t decide which products are best for you, check out their best-sellers that are uniquely formulated for men (men have thicker skin and produce more oil than women). The facial fuel uses caffeine, which flushes out excess moisture and helps reduce bags under the eyes. It’s like your face is drinking a cup of joe!  

kiehls-skincare-for-men-new-year-new-youShop at Kiehls


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