Scroll-Stopping Social Media Hooks [Infographic]

Looking to come up with more compelling content ideas for your 2024 marketing calendar?

This will help. Social media advisor Angie Gensler has put together a new listing of over 100 social media “hooks”, or post types that spark engagement and interaction, and stop people mid-scroll in social apps.

And while not all of them will apply to your business, and some you might find unsuitable for your approach, the listing here will at the least give you some inspiration for your content, and what can help to trigger more response in feeds.

You can also use these as prompts to feed into ChatGPT to get more, similar hooks, which could also provide more considerations for your updates. Maybe they work for you, maybe not, but worth thinking over either way.

You can check out Angie’s full list of social post hooks here.

Social media hooks infographic

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