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Gravitas Ventures has released a trailer for an upcoming psychological thriller titled There is a Monster. The film centers on a photographer who is being terrorized by a monster that looks like a dude in a black spandex suit.

In the film, “Jack is a successful photographer. One day he thinks he sees something in the shadows of his studio but blames it on the tequila he had the night before. Another day, while getting ready for bed, he’s shocked to see something outside his bedroom window, the “monster”. A frantic search outside with his wife Carol turns up nothing. But later the monster hovers over him as he sleeps, and the very next day his speech isn’t quite right… More attacks occur and he continues to blame the monster for his troubles. His wife and best friend wonder if maybe he’s losing his mind. But the damage being done to his body is very real.”

The movie doesn’t look very interesting, but it comes from director Mike Taylor, who is making his directorial debut. There is a Monster will get a direct-to-VOD release on January 30th, 2024.

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