Worthy Review – Is Selling Jewelry On Worthy Legit?

Looking to sell some of your jewelry and looking for a Worthy Review? If so, then you may be wondering if Worthy is a good selling app for jewelry. When you have jewelry like diamond engagement rings, luxury watches, expensive necklaces, and more, that you don’t want anymore, you can sell them on At…

Looking to sell some of your jewelry and looking for a Worthy Review?

If so, then you may be wondering if Worthy is a good selling app for jewelry.

When you have jewelry like diamond engagement rings, luxury watches, expensive necklaces, and more, that you don’t want anymore, you can sell them on

At Worthy, they check how much your jewelry is worth. After that, they sell it for you in an auction. In an auction, many people can offer money for your piece until someone gives the best price.

Worthy does not buy your jewelry directly as that is not their business model, but they will clean it up and sell it for you, and they make the process very easy.

Selling jewelry can be both emotional and financial, especially for items like engagement rings or family heirlooms. Figuring out where to sell and whom to trust is a big concern. is an online platform that helps connect sellers with potential buyers.

Whether you have just a few small jewelry pieces to sell like I do, if you have many, or if you have high-end jewelry, Worthy is a good jewelry site to start with.

Please read my Worthy Review below to learn more about this jewelry selling site.

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What Is Worthy? is an online auction platform specifically for selling jewelry for extra income.

Worthy helps by connecting you with a group of professional buyers. This competition can lead to getting you a better price for your jewelry over selling it to a place like a pawn shop, eBay, or even a local jeweler.

To make things easy for users, Worthy focuses on convenience and reliability in how its website works. They want every customer’s journey on the auction site to be simple and stress-free.

I know how hard it can feel to mail something as expensive as jewelry, but Worthy has great reviews as well as insurance coverage (which you can read more about below).

Types of Jewelry You Can Sell on Worthy

When deciding to sell your jewelry, Worthy has a range of items that you can auction. Here’s a list to help you see if your jewelry pieces fit what they are looking for:

  • Earrings – Whether they are simple studs or elaborate chandeliers, your earrings made of precious metals and with or without stones can be sold.
  • Rings – Engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding rings, cocktail rings, platinum bands, or any other type.
  • Necklaces – Gold chains, pendants, pearls, or diamond necklaces can find a new home through Worthy.
  • Bracelets – Tennis bracelets, bangles, or charm bracelets are good candidates for selling on the platform.
  • Loose diamonds and gemstones – Whether they are former parts of jewelry or never-set stones, loose diamonds and gemstones can be sold on Worthy.
  • Watches – Luxury watches from brands like Rolex, OMEGA, and TAG Heuer are usually in demand.

The amount you can sell your jewelry for on Worthy depends on many factors, such as the type of jewelry, carat weight, the grading report, brand (Cartier or Rolex perhaps?), and so much more.

worthy review

How Worthy Works

When you decide to sell your jewelry through Worthy, you’re using a straightforward service that takes care of the entire sale process, from appraisal to auction.

Here’s how Worthy works:

To start the sale, you go to the Worthy website and share details about the jewelry you want to sell. Giving as much information as possible helps with an accurate evaluation. After that, Worthy gives you a shipping label to send your jewelry safely (you will want to make sure there is enough insurance coverage on your item before shipping) and even offers FedEx pickup.

Your valuables that you send to Worthy are completely insured by Lloyd’s of London for up to $50,000 from the moment you ship the item until it is either sold or returned to you.

After receiving your item, Worthy takes care of several important steps. Your jewelry is cleaned, evaluated, and photographed by professionals. A GIA lab report certification (Gemological Institute of America) is created, which gives potential buyers and yourself peace of mind regarding the item’s authenticity and value.

Next, your item is put up for auction and you can set a reserve price (your minimum price) so that you don’t have to worry about selling your jewelry for lower than what you want.

The Worthy team finds qualified jewelry buyers to make sure you get good bids. After your item is sold to the highest bidder and the auction closes, it’s important to know that the payment process might take around 5 to 7 business days. This waiting time is something to think about as some other services or local options might give immediate payment, even though it could be at a lower price.

You then get paid via PayPal cash (this option is not available though if your jewelry sells for a high amount), bank transfer, or a paper check.

Another nice thing is that Worthy makes sure your jewelry gets to the buyers safely. They pay for the shipping insurance, so you don’t have to worry if something happens on the way.

Positives of Using Worthy

When using an online platform to sell your treasured jewelry, you’re probably looking for a service that is reliable and transparent, has clear communication, and has a consistent track record of positive user experiences. Worthy seems to meet these needs, as indicated by customer feedback and reliable evaluations that I found online.

Professional and trustworthy service

Worthy has a high level of professionalism and is a service that makes selling diamond jewelry simpler. With a high rating on the Better Business Bureau, the platform has proven itself as a helpful resource for selling jewelry online.

Transparency and communication

Some things that I really like about Worthy are how easy their site is to use and how everything is laid out for anyone to understand. I think they make it easy to understand the process so that anyone knows what the next step is to make the most amount of money from their jewelry.

Starting from when your jewelry is picked up by the shipping company, you get regular updates, either through email or text, that document each step until the final sale is complete. So, you will always know what is happening and what will happen next!

Worthy user satisfaction and reviews

Worthy has high user satisfaction and lots of great Worthy reviews. People tend to like how easy the site is to use as well as how quickly you can get paid so that you can get the highest amount of money from your jewelry.

Here are some Worthy reviews I found online:

  • Worthy has a 4.31/5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) out of 208 Worthy reviews
  • Worthy has a 4.60/5 star rating on Trustpilot out of 3,658 Worthy reviews

As you can see, that is a lot of great reviews on Worthy!

Worthy review complaints

I looked for Worthy review complaints, and one of the most common that I received is the length of time it takes to sell jewelry on Worthy. It takes an average of around 2 weeks. Personally, I do not think that is long, and if you want to get the most amount of money for your jewelry, it is most likely worth the wait over your other jewelry selling options.

Comparing Worthy with Competitors

When you decide to sell your jewelry online, it’s important to understand how different platforms, like Worthy, compare with their competitors in terms of process, professionalism, and price.

Worthy vs other auction platforms

Worthy stands out from other jewelry auction sites by combining the convenience of online transactions with the competitiveness of live auctions. On Worthy, professional buyers and diamond dealers participate in bidding wars, potentially resulting in better offers for your diamond jewelry. This differs from some other auction platforms where the selling price could be determined by fewer bidders or set pricing from wholesalers.

Worthy vs CIRCA

Comparing Worthy to CIRCA (previously known as Mondiamo), you’ll notice each has a very specific difference in buying jewelry. CIRCA works with a direct purchasing model where they evaluate and you are then given a purchase price for your jewelry.

With CIRCA, you’re typically dealing with a single entity of professional diamond buyers versus the broader network that Worthy provides through its auction format.

Unlike Worthy, which involves an auction with various retailers and dealers bidding, CIRCA may provide you with a direct price without an auction-style competition. There are no fees or commissions for using their service; instead, you are given an up-front price and they buy your jewelry directly from you (instead of listing it online for an auction).

worthy review sold jewelry examples
Here’s a screenshot from Worthy’s website of past jewelry sales

Frequently Asked Questions About Worthy

In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about selling your jewelry on Worthy, helping you to make the best decision.

What is the best way to sell jewelry?

The best way to sell jewelry depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for fast cash and need to be paid the same day, then Worthy is not for you (because the process from start to finish takes around 2 weeks). Instead, you may want to sell via a pawn shop or on Facebook Marketplace.

If you are looking to make the most amount of money, though, then selling on Worthy is a great place to start because of their auction-style process.

Is Worthy a reputable site?

Yes, Worthy is a real site for selling high-end jewelry, wedding rings, luxury watches, and more. It has a thorough selling process, including appraisal, cleaning, and photography, which is well-liked by customers.

How long does it take to get paid from Worthy?

After your jewelry sells on Worthy, the payment process is fairly quick. Customers usually receive their payment within a few business days of the sale’s completion. The whole process typically takes around 2 weeks from shipping the jewelry to Worthy to getting paid after the auction is over.

What happens if your ring doesn’t sell on Worthy?

If your ring does not sell at auction on Worthy, you can lower the minimum price and try again or you can request to have your item returned to you.

What percentage does Worthy take? What is Worthy’s fee?

Worthy does almost all of the work for you, so it makes sense that they would charge a fee. They take 18% for up to $5,000. After that, it is a 14% fee for $5,001 to $15,000, a 12% fee for $15,001 to $30,000, and a 10% fee for over $30,000. You can find their exact and up-to-date fee schedule on the Worthy website.

So, for example, I found a 1-carat diamond ring on Worthy that eventually sold for $2,792. That means the seller received around $2,289 after the 18% fee that Worthy charges.

Can I get my ring back from Worthy?

If you change your mind or if your item doesn’t sell, you can get your jewelry back from Worthy.

sell engagement ring on worthy review

Worthy Review – Is selling on Worthy Legit?

I hope you enjoyed my Worthy Review.

Selling jewelry can be both emotional and financial, especially for items like engagement rings or family heirlooms. Figuring out where to sell and whom to trust is a big concern. is an online platform that helps connect sellers with potential buyers. It aims to make selling fine jewelry worth $1,000 or more safe and transparent.

The service uses an auction model where many buyers can bid on your jewelry, possibly increasing the final sale price. offers free GIA lab reports, trackable and insured shipping, and lets you set a minimum sale price. People like how easy it is to sell, the helpful customer service, and the quick bidding process, according to customer reviews. When selling valuable jewelry, it’s important to consider the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the platform, even with other options available.

Steps to sell your jewelry with Worthy:

  1. Click here to send your jewelry to Worthy.
  2. Worthy checks your jewelry and helps you know how much it’s worth. If you don’t like the price, you can decide not to sell it and get your jewelry back.
  3. Your jewelry is put up for auction.
  4. You get money when someone buys it.


What other questions do you have for this Worthy Review?

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