X is Experimenting with New Options to Sort Post Replies

This could be something, or not.

X is currently testing a new option that would enable you to sort the replies on any post in the app by time, engagement, or “Trending”.

X sort replies

As you can see in this example, shared by X News Daily, the new options will provide new ways to display replies to X posts, which could make it easier to find the most interesting, or more recent responses to any update in-stream.

Replies have become a bigger focus for X of late, because of its Creator Ad Revenue Share program, which sees verified X creators who are approved for the initiative get paid a percentage of the ad income for promotions that are displayed within the replies to their posts.

That’s put more focus on driving replies as a posting strategy, and as such, it makes sense for X to add in more ways to hone in on this element, and help creators better understand what’s likely to trigger response.

It’ll also help users stay up to date with conversations, by sorting replies by “Recent” on popular comments, though how X will look to define “Trending” in this context is not clear.

Maybe that’ll be responses from higher profile users, or replies that themselves have triggered the most replies.

Either way, it could be another consideration for X engagement, and another way for creators to better understand what prompts users to share their thoughts.

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