Under $50 Decoration Tips for a Small Bedroom

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It doesn’t have to cost a lot to turn your small bedroom into a spacious-feeling oasis. All you need is the right piece of affordable decor. Our home shopping experts have found wall decorations, floating shelf options, wall decor, interior designer-inspired storage solutions, and more for $50 and under that will help make the most of your small space. 

If you’re a fan of DIY projects but don’t have the time for serious home improvement projects like paint or adding square footage with construction, these under $50 decoration tips for a small bedroom will actually make a difference. 

Yes, you actually can transform your bedroom with under $50 home decor. 

Our E! shopping experts have found peel-and-stick wallpaper that will add a pop of color to your small room and attract the eye upward, providing the look of more vertical space. This can help make your room appear bigger and brighter with an all-over colorful pattern, or with just one accent wall. 

Tired of your current bedding? We’ve included $50 and under duvets and sheet sets that will go great with your bedroom’s color scheme, plus must-see throw pillows, accent rugs, a light fixture in a bold color, and storage solutions disguised as ottomans and stools that will help keep your things off the ground, creating more floor space.

Ready to make your small space feel bigger and brighter? Keep reading to shop plants for a pop of greenery, mirrors to reflect the light from your windows and add depth to your space, wall decorations that draw the eye in and make the room feel larger, and so much more. 

Under $50 decoration tips for a small bedroom

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