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The Met Gala captivates the eyes of the fashion world every single year — but part of the awe of the night’s festivities are not the big names walking the red carpet in outstanding outfits, but rather that that is all we see.

That’s right — the night is very hush-hush. Not much else aside from the fashionable entrances are made public, and apparently it is designed that way.

One of the main rules, that helps to keep the allure and mystery of the Met Gala alive is the fact that what happens inside is so secretive thanks to the no-phone rule — and by extension no social media — that all invitees must abide by, according to

However, like all rules, there are exceptions. Apparently, celebrities have gotten around the no photos rule by…sneaking them in while socializing in the bathrooms!

Another rule that those invited to the night’s event must abide by is that there is no smoking, this after numerous pictures surfaced of celebrities smoking in the bathroom during the according to various reports.

Additionally, here is an age limit rule as well that dictates those under 18 years old cannot attend, with an exception being those underage accompanied by their parents, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And finally, the event is by invitation only. So if you were hoping to score a ticket, you are out of luck. I guess we will just watch the parade of outstanding outfits from the comfort of our couch!

The Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will take place on May 6 in New York.

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