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Today, we’ve got a little treat for Dungeons & Dragons DMs. Saints & Sinners: Ruby Edition is a new third party supplement from the Jeff Stevens Games team that offers a variety of NPCs that you can bring to your table. Inside you’ll find ten NPCs that you can use as either helpful contacts or as enemies.

Each NPC comes with information about their history, personality, motives, minions, special equipment, treasure, how to use them as either a contact or villain, a stat block, and (what is very interesting to me) the color of magic.

Color of magic is a description of how that individual NPC’s magic manifests. For example, Aelara Cliffdancer’s magic is meant to resemble rocks and storms such as “her wild shapes look like rocky simulacra of beasts.” I like this idea of flavor text to help make the characters unique.

Saints & Sinners: Ruby Edition contains 10 unique NPCs to add to your game, either as helpers or contacts (Saints) or villains (Sinners).

You can purchase Saints & Sinners: Ruby Edition from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $3.95.

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