Celebrities Who Earn the Most on Instagram [Infographic]

Okay, this is not an exact science, as it’s based on estimates, but it is interesting to see which celebrities and influencers are potentially making the most money from their IG posts.

Using data from Hopper IQ, the team from Bored Panda has identified the top IG users in the U.S. who regularly post sponsored content.

The team first identified the 850 most followed celebrities, then analyzed 90k posts from these users to single out disclosed ads in their feeds (i.e. “paid partnership” tags, as well as hashtags like #ad, #sponsored). So this would only account for feed posts, not Stories or Reels.

The team then used estimated payment data from Hopper HQ’s annual Instagram Rich list to come up with average earnings estimates, leading to these figures.

So while it’s not exact, it does provide some context as to who’s making money from their Instagram presence, and potentially, how much they earn per year from sponsored posts in the app.

The rich do indeed get richer. Check out the infographic overview below.

Instagram top earners infographic

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