Apple and OpenAI have no monetary gain from their deal

At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced its partnership with OpenAI by leveraging the ChatGPT-4o model to power various iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia features. However, according to a Bloomberg report, Apple and OpenAI will not be exchanging money in the deal.

Apple and OpenAI have no monetary gain from their deal

OpenAI is getting a lot of exposure from Apple’s devices, so the gains are arguably more valuable than money. Moreover, Apple is in talks with Anthropic and Google to implement their respective chatbots in Apple’s operating systems. The end goal is to offer a wider range of AI services for users to choose from, similar to web browsers and search engines. This corroborates an earlier report suggesting Apple isn’t putting all of its eggs in one basket.

Speaking of, users opting for AI instead of doing a simple search on Google may hurt Apple’s financial results in the long run. Google is paying a solid sum to be Apple’s default search provider, so if that comes to an end, the Cupertino-based company would have to look for other ways to monetize its services.

One way is to split revenues with the AI companies involved. For instance, OpenAI monetizing on results from the integrated chatbot on iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices may lead to Apple taking a cut.


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