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My introduction to Ghost Town was browsing the horror section of my local video store and seeing some awesome VHS cover art of a skeleton all decked out in cowboy gear in the old west.

There was no way this visual was going to live up to my expectations of what I imagined this movie would be based on the cover art… and it didn’t, but it was still fun to watch!

Ghost Town was released in 1988 and it’s a supernatural horror-western film that blends eerie suspense with old frontier charm.

The story centers around a modern-day deputy sheriff, Langley, who finds himself transported to a ghostly, forsaken town after pursuing a missing woman.

In this haunted locale, he discovers that the town is cursed and ruled by an evil spirit named Devlin, a former outlaw who keeps the souls of the dead trapped.

Langley must confront Devlin and his ghostly gang, navigate the spectral dangers, and ultimately break the curse to free the tormented spirits and return to his own time.

The movie was directed by Richard McCarthy and Mac Ahlberg and you can check out the trailer below!

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