YouTube Enables Editing of Longer Videos

YouTube will now enable creators to edit super long videos, which was previously not an option due to system capacity constraints, while it’s also improving its comment moderation and removal processes within YouTube Studio.

First off, on long video edits. YouTube says that creators will now be able to edit videos that are more than 6 hours long, which was previously not possible.

As per YouTube:

“Previously, videos longer than 6 hours were not eligible for editing, which creators, especially live streamers, flagged as a pain point. We’re happy to announce that we’re removing the length limit, although lengthy videos may take longer to process.”

Live-streams seems like the main use case here, with longer replays now eligible for regular editing, though as YouTube notes, any edits will take longer to process.

I mean, presumably, in most cases, you’d want to edit a clip down to a more digestible length to maximize viewership, but there may also be value in being able to remove certain elements from the replay, giving you more control over your content.  

YouTube says that its expanded editing capacity will be rolled out to all creators by the end of this month.

YouTube’s also making it easier to manage your channel comments within Studio, by enabling you to select and action multiple comments at once in the “Published” tab.

YouTube comments editing

“Up until now, channels were only able to select multiple comments for action (i.e. remove, report) in the “Held for Review” tab in YouTube Studio. Now, creators can select and moderate multiple comments in the “Published” tab. The goal is to make moderating at scale easier, especially for creators who receive large volumes of unwanted comments.”

That’ll streamline comment management, by enabling you to quickly action comments from the Published listing, as opposed to having to go through the review process.

YouTube’s also launching its shopping affiliate program to eligible creators in Korea, expanding its in-stream commerce push, while it’s also making a slight change to the way that titles show up on Shorts clips on Android.

These are all fairly minor updates, though they may have more significant value depending on how you use the platform.

You can learn more about YouTube’s latest updates here.

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