DedaLand Gears Up to Bring Digital Assets to the Masses

There is a lot of talk of digital assets going mainstream in the future. But that will not happen by itself. For a paradigm shift to occur, it needs solutions and designs that are conductive to mass adoption. And DedaLand is at the forefront of this course.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2024 / Digital Economy Development Agency, DedaLand, is on a mission to drive digital assets to the masses and lead the charge of revolutionizing the Web3 industry. To achieve this mission, the company employs a 360-degree approach that will onboard the next million people into the digital assets landscape. This approach mainly focuses on three aspects: accessibility, education, and infrastructure.

Bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi

The DedaLand ecosystem comprises products that make it seamless for any user to interact with crypto regardless of their familiarity with the technical know-how of digital assets. A key part of this vision is the Dedabit cryptocurrency exchange-a platform built on transparency, security, and an intuitive user experience.

Not only does DedaLand provide users with products to engage with crypto, but it also enhances their experience with a one-stop-shop solution. By integrating DedaATM, DedaPoS, DedaLink, FDS, and DedaGateway, they create a bridge between traditional finance (tradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) – an essential first step to onboard people into web3.

DedaLand understands that for crypto to achieve mainstream adoption, it needs to be free from complexity and friction and put user experience at the forefront. That’s why innovation at DedaLand goes beyond just offering users the ability to buy and trade crypto. They also enable users to spend their crypto on real goods and services, making the entire process seamless and user-friendly.

But the company’s commitment goes beyond just technology and infrastructure. Its dedicated educational arm, Deda Academy, will generate awareness helping users navigate and thrive in the evolving crypto world.

“We are on a mission to enable access to financial freedom and empowerment for the masses on a global scale,” cites the DedaLand group. “And our suite of products and tools are built to cultivate a space where users can enjoy all the benefits that crypto has to offer – all without any friction. We want to set a benchmark in the industry with smooth onboarding, best-in-class services, and, more importantly, eliminating volatility for investors through a very innovative mechanism”.

Introducing Dedacoin: ICO launch and tokenomics unveiled

Dedacoin is set to make waves in the crypto space with its upcoming ICO. $DEDA is a versatile utility token that offers multiple use cases: users can enjoy discounts on trading fees, pay for goods and services at Deda PoS, participate in exclusive token sales, and more.

The tokenomics of $DEDA are designed with the community in mind. The total supply is capped at 2,540,000,000, with 5% available for public sale during the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). DedaLand integrates a burn mechanism that will limit the overall supply of $DEDA tokens over regular intervals of time. Such measures are put in place to enhance the token’s value and scarcity, ultimately making sure that the community is rewarded for its participation.

DedaLand recognizes that the future is multichain and it is the pathway to unlock value within blockchain. This is why its native token, $DEDA, is designed with the multichain aspect right from the start. While the initial launch is planned on the Binance Smart Chain, there are mechanisms in place that will also launch $DEDA on Ethereum, Tron, and Matic blockchains. And DedaLand has already set the infrastructure through which its token will be multichain. With Dedabridge, users can easily migrate their tokens between different chains and optimize their experience of engaging with $DEDA.

What’s more, users can already gain early access to the $DEDA tokens through its Telegram Airdrop bot. Showing their appreciation to loyal users who help grow their community, Deda has announced an airdrop of 20 million $DEDA tokens to its most active members. In addition to this, DedaLand also has an active referral program. Influencers and active users can leverage this program by sharing their referral links with friends and their community. It is a win-win scenario in which their community can enjoy a special discount on their $DEDA tokens, and the referrer gets rewarded for their participation.

Putting investors at the forefront with Hedge90

Talking about its most innovative approach that no project has ever offered its community before is the Hedge90 mechanism. The first-of-its-kind solution, Hedge90, ensures that investors can limit their losses. How exactly? DedaLand offers to buy back the $DEDA tokens and give users back 90% of their initial investment, with a 4% fee charged on all Hedge90 transactions.

So, even if the underlying asset price fluctuates because of the market dynamics, users can still get most of their initial investment back, which practically nullifies the risk element – a common aspect of any cryptocurrency. What’s interesting is that this entire mechanism is controlled by an automated system using dual smart contracts. Liquidity is managed by the smart contract, and the terms of the smart contract are unchangeable to ensure trust and transparency.

What differentiates the rules of this smart contract and the unique value proposition it serves is that in the event the market rises, the buyers of Dedacoin have the ability to cancel their contract. The contract conditions are programmed for automatic reversal of their 4% transaction fees in USDT.

With their Dedacoin token ICO approaching and exciting product launches on the horizon, the stage is set for 2024 to be a great year for the entire DedaLand ecosystem. Moreover, this move will mark a new era for its community with the primary goal of widespread adoption and usage of digital assets.

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