WhatsApp will finally let you send HD media automatically

WhatsApp introduced a feature back in August that lets you send photos in higher quality – the full resolution of the image. Users had to pick the good resolution manually and individually for each image, which was less than ideal.

An inside look into the WhatsApp beta for Android revealed all images and videos could be sent in HD automatically with a new Media Upload Quality toggle in the Storage and data menu.

WhatsApp will finally let users send media in HD quality automatically

When you select the “Standard quality,” the recipient will get the media in a compressed file for faster delivery while keeping the quality lower. HD quality is said to occupy six times more file space and obviously will be slower to send.

The toggle in the media sharing screen is here to stay htough, allowing you to send some files in a different quality setting when needed.

The feature has been rolled out to a select number of beta testers. Once all issues with the feature are cleared, it will be available in the stable version, so remember to update your app regularly through Google Play.


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