Todd Chrisley Ordered to Pay $755,000 After Losing Lawsuit

Todd Chrisley is dealing with new legal troubles.

The former reality star—who is currently serving a yearslong prison sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion—was ordered by a Georgia court to pay $755,000 to a former special agent with the Georgia Department of Revenue (GDOR), according to documents obtained by E! News.

The verdict was handed down on April 4 in Amy Doherty-Heinze‘s favor, with Chrisley owing “$350,000.00 in compensatory damages, $170,000 in punitive damages and $235,000 in expenses of litigation, for a total of $755,000.”

Doherty-Heinze filed a defamation complaint against the Chrisley Knows Best alum in July 2021 alleging that, according to documents obtained by People, in 2020 he “began attacking [her] and accusing her of a multitude of crimes and wrongdoing” amid the GDOR’s investigation into him and his wife Julie Chrisley, which began three years earlier.

Per the complaint, Chrisley “began a social media campaign against the GDOR and certain of its employees, contending that the investigation was illegal and improperly motivated.” Doherty-Heinze alleged she was targeted in the social media campaign despite not being involved in the investigation.

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